Public Guardian

Harry Hagen Portrait
  • Harry E. Hagen
  • Treasurer - Tax Collector - 
    Public Administrator

This office provides conservatorship services, when appointed by the court, to individuals substantially unable to manage their own personal/financial decisions and for whom there is no viable alternative to the Public Guardian. The office investigates all referrals and provides services to both Probate and LPS conservatees.

Once a conservatorship is established, Public Guardian staff (acting as the conservator) are legally responsible for making all personal/financial decisions and ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of the client. Needless to say, this is a huge responsibility and requires the provision of many services. Just some of these are:

  • Find placement
  • Coordinate in-home care
  • Coordinate and oversee medical treatment
  • Arrange transportation
  • Shop for necessities
  • Apply for benefits, e.g. Social Security, Medi-Cal, SSI, Vets, etc.
  • Pay bills
  • Make burial arrangements
  • Marshal and manage assets
  • Manage real property
  • Store belongings
  • Sell cars, houses, and belongings when necessary

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