The office of the Treasurer-Tax Collector-Public Administrator-Public Guardian has a number of forms online that can be printed and completed. Below are links to each and further information regarding these forms. Completed forms can be mailed to:

Harry E. Hagen
Treasurer-Tax Collector
PO Box 579
Santa Barbara CA 93102

or delivered to:

Treasurer-Tax Collector Office
105 E Anapamu St Rm 109
Santa Barbara CA 93101

Change of mailing address for property tax bills:

You must send your change of address in writing, signed by the property owner, to the Assessor's office. Include the Parcel Number (APN) of all properties included in the mailing address change. You may download the change of address form from Assessor's site

Click here to access the Assessor's site

Subdivisions - Lot Line Adjustments / Security to Guarantee Payment of Taxes Form:

This form should only be completed after the Planning and Development review is complete, and the Final Map is ready for recordation. All outstanding taxes must be paid with certified funds prior to submitting this application form and the $110.00 Application Fee, or the application will be held up until the checks clear (This could take up to 3 weeks). The application fee should be made payable to Harry E. Hagen, Treasurer-Tax Collector. If there are unpaid taxes at the time the application is received, then the form will be returned without being processed.

A copy of the Tentative Final Map (version to be recorded) must be attached to the application, along with the most recent deed on each parcel, a copy of the Assessor’s Parcel Map, and the $110.00 application fee. If a review determines there are outstanding tax liens, then an estimated tax amount must be posted with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors to guarantee payment of these taxes. The Treasurer-Tax Collector will notify the Applicant in writing if an amount must be posted with the Clerk of the Board. Amounts posted must be either in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made payable to the County of Santa Barbara. No other forms of payment will be accepted.

After the application is received, The Treasurer-Tax Collector routes the application to the Assessor and the Auditor-Controller for review, usually on the same day it is received. The process normally takes about one to three weeks to complete, but the processing period occasionally may take longer. We understand that individuals may have been working on a project for two or more years prior to submitting an application to the Treasurer-Tax Collector, and we always complete our part as quickly as possible.

Click here to view/download Subdivisions - Lot Line Adjustments / Security to Guarantee Payment of Taxes Form

Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate Registration:

Operators are required to obtain an occupancy registration certificate from the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office within thirty (30) days after commencing business. This certificate signifies that the operator has fulfilled the requirements of the Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance by registering with the County Tax Collector for the purpose of collecting from transients the TOT and remitting this to the Tax Collector’s office.

Click here to view/download Certificate Application for Vacation Rentals
Click here to view/download Certificate Application for Hotels/Motels

Transient Occupancy Tax Federal Exemption Claim Form:

Only U.S. Government employees on official business are exempt from TOT, not state or municipal. The federal government, or the federally chartered agency, must either pay directly, or the employee may pay with a credit card issued by the federal agency to the employee. Federal employees on vacation are not exempt.

Click here to view/download Federal Exemption claim form

Transient Occupancy Tax Refund Claim Form:

If an operator overpaid or paid an amount in error, a Refund Claim form must be completed and submitted along with the backup proof of documentation to the Tax Collector in order to get a refund.

Click here to view/download TOT Refund claim form

Transient Occupancy Tax Return

On a monthly basis, a return must be completed and all taxes collected are to be remitted to the Tax Collector’s office by the last day of the month following the close of each reporting period. For example, the return filed for reporting period of January becomes delinquent if not postmarked by the last day of February.

Click here to view/download return form for South County Vacation Rentals
Click here to view/download return form for North County Vacation Rentals
Click here to view/download return form for Hotels/Motels

Transient Occupancy Santa Barbara South Coast Tourism Business Improvement District:

Your assessment rate needs to be evaluated annually and any changes are effective January 1st of each year. Beginning in January 2015, your assessment rate will be based on your annual average daily rate in 2013

Click here to view/download the TBID ADR form for Hotels/Motels