Deferred Compensation Oversight Committee

The Board of Supervisors authorized the expansion of the Deferred Compensation Committee on July 11, 2000. The Deferred Compensation Oversight Committee was established to include representatives from the County Administrator, Auditor-Controller, Human Resources, Treasurer-Tax Collector, one from the recognized safety member employee bargaining units, one from the recognized general member employee bargaining units, one retiree, and one from the non-represented bargaining units (Management and Confidential).

The Deferred Compensation Oversight Committee meets quarterly with the consultant from SageView Advisory Group, to monitor the performance of the investment funds, and to review and evaluate the communication and education programs that support the County’s Deferred Compensation Plan. Evaluations typically include:

  • An overview of economic and general market conditions over the relevant time periods;
  • A comparison of each investment option’s results to appropriate market indices and universes of similarly managed funds;
  • An analysis of each investment option’s portfolio characteristics;
  • An examination of the overall investment structure to determine if the plan is satisfying diversification standards;
  • A review of the expenses of the fund options; and
  • Recommendations regarding alternatives for dealing with any of the issues noted above.

To inquire or make changes to your account, log onto the website at or call Empower Retirement's Service Center at 1-800-701-8255. Representatives from the local office (located in Glendale, CA) will be available on a scheduled basis for group meetings and individual counseling sessions; they can be reached at 1-800-382-8924.

Oversight Committee Members

  • Treasurer-Tax Collector
  • Auditor-Controller
  • County Executive Office
  • Human Resources
  • SBC Management Assn.
  • SBC Executive Assn.
  • Deputy District Attorneys' Assn.
  • Engineers & Technicians Assn.
  • SBC Deputy Sheriffs' Assn.
  • SBC Fire Fighters, Local 2046
  • SBC Probation Peace Officers' Assn.
  • SEIU, Local 721
  • SEIU, Local 620
  • Sheriff's Mgrs. Assn.
  • Union of American Physicians & Dentists
  • Retired Employees' Assn.
  • SBC Employees' Retirement Assn.
  • Civil Attorneys Assn.
  • Harry E. Hagen
  • Kyle Slattery
  • Wesley Welch
  • Joe Pisano
  • Andy O'Brien
  • Scott McGolpin
  • Justin Greene
  • Brett Buyan
  • Travis Henderson
  • Matthew Hyman
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Laura Robinson
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Maya Antony
  • Zandra Cholmondeley
  • Greg Levin
  • Mike Youngdahl

Oversight Committee Meeting Schedule, Agenda & Minutes

Deferred Compensation Oversight Committee Meetings
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
02-08-2021 02-08-2021 02-08-2021
05-24-2021 05-24-2021 05-24-2021
08-09-2021 08-09-2021 08-09-2021
11-08-2021 11-08-2021 11-08-2021
02-22-2022 02-22-2022