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For State Route closures (i.e. 192, 154, 101, etc.), please click the following: Caltrans Road Information 

Sept 15, 2020        Tuesday                  8:30am to 3:30pm  Danielson Road  ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR 1339 Danielson Road   Replace Existing Edison Power Pole
Sept 16, 2020        Wednesday            7:00am to 3:00pm   Crescent Drive  ROAD CLOSURE Between 3803 & 3874 Crescent Drive   Replace Existing Edison Power Pole
Sept 16, 2020        Wednesday            8:00pm to 6:00am   Exeter Place



 2770 Exeter Place  Replace Existing Edison Power Pole
Sept 17, 2020        Thursday                7:00am to 4:00pm  Kellogg Avenue   ROAD CLOSURE & DETOUR 629 Kellogg Ave - Between Camino Contigo & Capellina Way   Replace Existing Edison Power Pole 
Sept 17, 2020        Thursday                7:00am to 5:00pm   Depot Road ROAD CLOSURE   Depot Road at Spring Road  Replace Existing Edison Power Pole
Sept 19, 2020          Saturday                7:00am to 5:00pmLa Paloma Avenue ROAD CLOSURE Between 4432 & 4491 La Paloma Avenue  Replace Existing Edison Power Pole
Feb 2, 2019 11:50pm Bella Vista  Closure - indefinitely From Romero Crk. crossing to Buena Vista Cr.  Road is impassable at Romero Canyon Crossing
Jan 23,2018 12:20 pm
East Mountain Drive
Closure East Mountain @ San Ysidro Creek
Bridge Destroyed 
North County Closures
Date / Time Location Status Route Reason
April 15, 2017 6:00am Refugio Rd. Closure  From 4.0 miles South of HWY 246 to W. Camino Cielo Flooding and Debris