2019 Flooding &  Power Outage Exercise

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) program and the  Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS)  have begun the planning process for the annual Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program. 

This year the scenario is flooding and extended power outage and will focus on improving your facilities policies, procedures, training and drills. The PHEP and EMS programs are using this scenario to plan an exercise that will allow healthcare coalition partners within the Santa Barbara County to play and test their disaster capabilities. 

In preparation for the upcoming exercise please review and plan to attend the trainings and tabletops. Additional information about pre-exercise trainings and resources presented at the trainings can be found on the Trainings & Tabletop page. All forms and templates such as exercise plan an partners instructions can be found on Exercise Forms & Templates  page. 

If you have questions or would like more information about this years exercise please contact Stacey Rosenberger  at  phdpreparedness@sbcphd.org or 805-681-4912. 

Exercise Training Schedule 

Training/Workshop Date/Time Location

How to Conduct a Tabletop/Full Scale Exercise

(choose one to attend)

September 17th : 10am-12pm Santa Barbara: 300 N San Antonio Road: C101/102
September 19th : 10am-12pm Santa Maria: 2115 Centerpointe Pkwy- 2nd Floor Conf Room

Exercise Training for Healthcare Partners

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From 12- 1pm- on both days there will be an exercise planning workshop. PHD staff will help with objective, scenario and plan deveopment

October 1st: 9am – 12pm Santa Barbara: 300 N San Antonio Road- Auditorium
October 3rd: 1-4pm Santa Maria: Community Health Centers 2050 Blosser Road
Exercise Conference Calls October 25th : 9-10am

Go to Meeting

View the slides:  
Join meeting by phone:   +1 (786) 535-3211 
Access Code: 827-880-373 

November 1st : 9-10am
November 8th : 9-10am
Final Exercise Meeting/Tabletop- CANCELLED!!!! November 5th : 9-11am Santa Barbara: 300 N San Antonio Road: Auditorium

Exercise Day- November 19th - 21st 

2019 Exercise Day