Ocean Water Monitoring Program

Sampling efforts by Environmental Health Services and other jurisdictions have demonstrated that high levels of bacteria in creeks and ocean water are often associated with storm water runoff. While indicator bacteria are not in themselves pathogenic, their presence indicates that disease causing bacteria may be present. Anecdotal reports have linked high levels of indicator bacteria with skin rashes, sinus infections, and other unhealthful conditions.

In September 1996, Environmental Health Services began weekly year-round testing of 20 beaches between Rincon and Guadalupe Dunes, supported by a combination of State and local funding. Due to reductions in available funding, Environmental Health Services currently tests 16 beaches between Guadalupe Dunes and Carpinteria State Beach. Environmental Health Services distributes test results in weekly press releases to several media sources and interested groups and individuals. In addition, a computer database of past results is maintained to help understand trends.

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To reach our 24 hour recorded Ocean Water Quality Hotline, call (805) 681-4949.
If you have any questions regarding the Ocean Monitoring Program,
please contact Marissa Censullo: marissa.censullo@sbcphd.org or (805) 346-8345.

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