Mobile Food and Commissaries


Santa Barbara County approved vehicles will have a decal on their mobile food vehicle or on the side of a permitted food cart reflecting the Month and Year of Expiration.


It is the owner's responsibility to maintain a valid Santa Barbara County health permit on their vehicle/cart or notify this Agency in writing at the time of any change in ownership, sale of the vehicle, or if the vehicle stops operation in Santa Barbara County.

Vehicles operating without a valid permit are subject to closure.

Vehicles with permits that have lapsed for 60 days or more will need to meet current California Retail Food Code requirements, which may involve upgrades and plan submittal, before a new permit is issued. For more information call 805-681-4900.


  • Mobile Food Facility (MFF) - any vehicle upon which food is sold or distributed at retail. Mobile Food facilities are permitted.
  • Mobile Support Unit (MSU) refers to a vehicle, used in conjunction with a commissary, that travels to, and services mobile food facilities as needed to replenish supplies, including food and potable water, clean the interior of the unit, or dispose of liquid or solid wastes.
  • Commissary - a food facility in which food, equipment, and/or supplies are stored or handled, food is prepared or prepackaged for sale or service at other locations, utensils are cleaned, liquid or solid wastes are disposed of, and potable water is obtained for used in MFFs.
  • Mobile Food Facility Schedule of Stops - Provides information to EHS as to the location and times of individual Mobile Food Facility operation. Failure to notify EHS of any changes may result in the suspension or revocation of your Health Permit to operate as a Mobile Food Facility.


  • Conduct inspections of MFFs, MSUs and commissaries to ensure compliance with structural requirements and approved food handling as mandated by the California Retail Food Code (CAL CODE).
  • Investigate citizen complaints regarding all MFFs, MSUs and commissaries.
  • Review plans for new MFFs, MSUs and commissaries, and issue final approval prior to commencing operation.