Who We Are:

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Child Health & Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)

provides free well child exams for low-income children and youth in California.

How to Contact Us:

By phone at (805) 681-5130

By fax at (805) 681-4958

By mail at 345 Camino Del Remedio, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Regular Health Exams are Important to:
  • Help children and youth stay healthy
  • Find health problems early
  • Refer for treatment when necessary
  • Answer health questions

The earlier health problems are found, the easier they are to treat.

Early treatment can reduce or prevent serious problems later in life.

When Exams Are Offered:

CHDP health exams are given according to a set schedule, or at special times such as school entry or sports physicals.

Who is Eligible:

Children and youth are eligible if they live in California and are either:

  • "Full Scope" Medi-Cal and Under 21
  • Under 19, have no health insurance, and low income (through CHDP Gateway*)

The Exams are only offered according to the set schedule or special times.

* Eligible chlildren may receive temporary Medi-Cal for up to 60 days through the CHDP Gateway.

CHDP Exams Include:
  • Physical exam
  • Growth and Development check
  • Nutrition check-up
  • Hearing and Vision test
  • Dental Check
  • Lab tests (Anemia and blood lead)
  • Health Education
  • Referrals when needed
Types of CHDP Checkups:
  • Well baby, Well child, and Teen checkups
  • School/Head Start Entry
  • Sport and Camp physicals
Who Provides the Exam:

CHDP Certified Clinics and Doctors' Offices.

The local CHDP office can help you find a CHDP Provider near you.

How To Schedule a Well Child Exam:

Call your doctor or clinic and ask for a CHDP exam.

If your doctor or clinic does not do CHDP exams, call the Santa Barbara County CHDP office at (805) 681-5130.

Dental Information

Part of the CHDP well child visit includes a dental screening by the doctor.

The examiner will look in your child's mouth:

  • Screen for dental problems
  • Refer your child for treatment if cavities are found
  • Offer guidance on brushing and healthy eating to prevent cavities

Ask about fluoride varnish for your child's teeth.

Children with full scope Medi-Cal can receive treatment through the State Denti-Cal program.

Services Provided by the Santa Barbara County CHDP Local Office:

The CHDP local office assists families with making medical appointments, transportation, and referrals to other resources.

The CHDP local office certifies doctors' offices and clinics to become CHDP Providers.

For More Information:

The State CHDP website has much more information.