Trail Closure

Some Santa Barbara County trails are closed to the public through at least September 17, 2021. The purpose of the closure is to reduce fire danger and conserve our statewide public safety resources. This is consistent with US Forest Service Order No. 21-07.

Closed County trails include Arroyo Quemado Trail (Baron Ranch), Live Oak Trails, Romero Canyon, San Ysidro, Hot Springs, Wiman, Buena Vista, Cold Springs, Franklin Trail and any connector trails adjacent to the National Forest.

We will work closely with our partner agencies and trail groups to continue to assess the situation and will open these trails as soon as we can. In the meantime, thank you and please take the chance to visit our other open trails or go to the beach. See you soon!



County recreation trails serve the public in a variety of ways that includes neighborhood trails which provide safe routes to school and commercial centers; beach access way trails; trails that make connections from the urban areas in to the national forest and other public lands; as well as self contained trails within our parks and open spaces providing access for pleasure, nature enjoyment and exercise. Through its Comprehensive Plan and Community Plans, the County has planned for and anticipated the creation of recreational trail networks and systems to serve our communities. County Parks Division reviews development projects to secure trail easements where necessary to make the connections for future trail use. Working with other agencies, the Parks Division seeks to realize the trail needs of our local and long distance trail user community in our county. The Santa Barbara County Parks Division also actively seeks sources of funding to realize new trails and to maintain, with the help of volunteer organizations, these vital networks of pathways in Santa Barbara County.

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