Point Sal

Open Space Description

Santa Barbara County is currently the fee simple owner of some 560 acres of land at Point Sal, perhaps the most rugged and picturesque range of Pacific Ocean coast within the county, including the aptly named Paradise Beach. California State Parks and the US Bureau of Land Management collectively own another 40 acres of land that, combined with the county's 560 acres provides the nucleus of the proposed 800-acre Point Sal Reserve. The county is currently negotiating for the purchase of an adjacent private tract of approximately 180 acres that will facilitate access to the coast and provide desirable environmental and view shed protection.

Further, the County Parks Division has recently executed a controlled access policy to the public lands, trails, beaches and coastline from our neighbor to the south, Vandenberg Air Force Base (at present, the most accessible egress to the county and state coastal areas involves crossing a small corner of Air Force lands).

The Point Sal trail is moderate strenuous in intensity with an elevation gain of approximately 1,200 feet from the top of the ridge down to the beach. The trail is approximately 12 miles round trip to the beach and back.

Please Observe the Following Rules and Regulations

  • Trail use is from sunrise to sunset only. Please time your hike to be back to this starting point before sunset. No overnight camping.
  • This trail is for PEDESTRIAN USE ONLY. No bicycles, horses or other mechanized vehicles are allowed.
  • Stay on the designated trail. Public access to the beach follows the road and goes through private property and Vandenberg Air Force Base property. Do not trespass and obey posted signs.
  • No firearms or hunting allowed.
  • The trail may be temporarily closed from time to time due to military operations. Please observe closures and stay off the trail.
  • Please park vehicles off the road and DO NOT BLOCK GATE.

Location and Directions

The Point Sal trail is located at the end of Brown Road which is located South of Guadalupe California on Highway 1. Turn West onto Brown Rd. and follow the road to the locked gate at the roads end.