Orcutt Hills Open Space

Santa Barbara County Parks manages the 306 acre Orcutt Hills Open Space. Within the open space, there are approximately 8 miles of moderately strenuous trails that are steep in some areas. The trails are multi-use and they open at 8:00am and close at sunset. Trails are maintained in partnership with Santa Maria Valley Open Spaces.

Trail Map

Please Observe the Following Rules and Regulations

This trail is managed by Santa Barbara County Parks under the authority of County Code Chapter 26.

  • Trail use is from 8:00am to sunset (only exception is Winter Evening Access – see below). Please time your hike to be back to this starting point before sunset. No overnight camping.
  • Please stay within the public open space boundaries and respect the rights of neighboring residences and property.
  • Please stay on the trails. Short cutting or traveling off-trail invites others to follow and leads to unsightliness and erosion problems. You as a user, have the primary responsibility of maintaining the trail.
  • No smoking or fires of any kind.
  • No smoking or fires of any kind.
  • Dogs must be on leash.
  • It is the owner's responsibility to pick up and dispose of their animals waste. Do not leave waste or bags on the trail.
  • Leave-no-trace. There are a limited number of trash receptacles provided at the entry points. If you pack-it-in, pack-it-out. If you see litter, do everyone a favor and pick it up!
  • Know your limits and be aware of surroundings.
  • Carry water and trail essentials. No water is available on the trails.
  • Please be considerate in your outdoor manners:
    • Yield right-of-way to others that are approaching uphill.
    • Bikes should yield to hikers and horses and alert the when they are passing from behind.
    • Hikers should yield to horses.
    • If you encounter cattle or other livestock that are being spooked by your presence, please stand still, move slowly by, and allow the animals to move away at their own pace.

Orcutt Hills Open Space Winter Evening Access – 2019/2020 Pilot Program

New for the upcoming winter! Santa Barbara County Parks is launching a pilot program allowing Winter Evening Access for the Orcutt Hills Open Space. Below are some additional rules and guidelines to follow when you visit at night. Please take advantage of this opportunity and offer any suggestions or feedback to Jon Menzies, Trails Coordinator at jmenzies@sbparks.org

Winter Evening Access Rules

  • Hours are extended until 8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights from November 5, 2019 – March 5, 2020 for hiking and biking only. No equestrian use at night please.
  • Nighttime usage is permitted only on the Orcutt Hills Open Space Community Trails (Valley View and Coyote Loop).
  • Orcutt Community Park closes prior to the cutoff and the gates lock at sunset. Do not park in the Orcutt Community Park lot for evening usage.
  • Pass quietly and listen for nocturnal sounds not normally heard during daytime hours. Be respectful of the nighttime wildlife and neighboring homes adjacent to the open space.
  • Be familiar with the trail and please stay on trail. Map available from SMVOS
  • Visit in pairs or groups. Do not hike or bike alone (especially at night).
  • Carry a flashlight with extra batteries and a cell phone for emergencies.
  • No camping or fires of any kind.