Friends of Waller Park

Friends of Waller Park is a non-profit organization for the preservation and improvement of Waller Park in Santa Maria, California. Waller Lake

They've raised over $300,000 since 1982 to improve the park. Funds come from membership fees, donations, activities in the park, and grant awards.

The Friends of Waller Park funded three new playgrounds for children, a disc (Frisbee) golf course, and hundreds of new trees. They've also funded ball fields, picnic tables, landscaping, bike racks, barbecue pits, and an area for unleashed dogs.

They are particularly pleased with their Tree Planting Program. Members of the community can become involved by honoring honor a person or preserve a memory by planting a tree in Waller Park. Many existing trees are over 60 years old.

Your support is needed to ensure the beauty of Waller Park lives on for the next generation to love and enjoy. Discover how you can help by contacting Coordinator George Johnston at (805) 934-1223 or