San Marcos Park Master Plan

San Marcos Park is a new County park consisting of three parcels totaling 10 acres along Via Gaitero north of Cathedral Oaks Road, adjacent to the 200-acre San Marcos Foothills Preserve near Hwy 154 and Foothill Road. These parcels were dedicated to the County for public park purposes by the adjacent subdivision. The new park will serve as a gateway to the Preserve and provide passive park amenities that will be determined through the master planning process.

The goal of the master plan is to establish a vision for the park that better meets the community's current and future recreational needs, increases safety and accessibility, and protects and enhances its environmental resources.

Community Outreach

In October 2017, community members had the opportunity to submit input on the San Marcos Park Master Plan at four community workshops and a survey posted on the County Parks Department's website. The next step is to present a conceptual plan to the County Parks Commission scheduled for December 7, 2017.

Workshop Summary Results

Below is a summary of workshop comments we received, breaking them down per parcel, with the highest weighted comment at the top of the list.

Lot 17:

  1. Walking paths
  2. Vista or overlook
  3. Interpretive signage (along paths) – examples, history of preserve, medicinal uses of plants, etc.
  4. Benches at overlook
  5. Signage at vistas/overlooks to locate points of interest
  6. Student gathering area, natural using stumps, rocks, etc.
  7. Signage at entrance
  8. Children's "nature" play areas – program by age group

Lot 20:

  1. Link path from 20 to 17
  2. Portable restrooms, screen w/ trees
  3. Additional walking paths
  4. Fenced off-leash area for small dogs only (w/n non-native grasslands)
  5. Student gathering areas, natural
  6. Natural play area

Lot 21 - These comments are weighted equally:

  • Walking paths
  • Natural classroom area – tree stumps for seats
  • Permeable paving paths for universal access
  • Benches
  • Signage
  • Dog park
  • Restroom

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Survey Results

Approximately 200 people submitted survey responses about the SM Park Master Plan. The goal was to gain input on the community's vision for the passive park. Below is a summary of the survey results:

  • Most potential park-goers live within a 1-10-mile radius of the area and will travel by car to arrive.
  • Current visits to the San Marcos Preserve, adjacent to the SM Park, are reported as occasional; with the development of the SM Park, visitors say they may frequent the area more often.
  • Community members report feeling 50% more inclined to visit the park if a type of public restroom is installed.
  • Below is a bar graph surveying and ranking some desired passive park amenities.

The survey is now closed but please feel free to submit any questions and/or suggestions regarding the SMP via the comment box below.

Questions or Suggestions

Please contact Holly Garcin for questions or suggestions.


Directions to San Marcos Park