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Key Industry Clusters 

The County's Workforce Investment Board (WIB) commissioned a study on the key industry clusters to better understand segment of the local economy and more effectively engage employers. The following key industry clusters account for 40% of employment in the County and 66% of new jobs.

Agriculture, Tourism and Wine: Employs 36,088 people (15% of workforce, 5% growth expected from 2011-2016). Comprised of food production and services industries such as wineries, accomodation, amusement and recreation industries.  

Business Support Services: Employs 18,534 people (8% of the workforce). Comprised of ten subsectors including graphic design, accouting, advertising and employment services.  

Heathcare: Employs 18,259 people (7% of all jobs, 9% expected growth from 2011-2016). Comprised of three subsectors: Ambulatory Health Care Services, Hospitals, and Nursing and Residential Care Facilities.

Building and Design: Employs 16,623 people (7% of workforce). Comprised of the design, interior design and building of residential and non-residential buildings.

Technology and Innovation: Employs 10,756 people (4% of workforce). Comprised of industries focused on development and production of new technologies and products.

Energy and Environment Employs 566 people (.2% of workforce, 17% expected growth from 2011-2016). Comprised of industries that produce and sell energy, improve environmental sustainability and meet environmental regulations.